Time trial

From July 3rd to September 30th, 2021

Time trials will be conducted at the following target circuits , and finalists will be selected from the top time players on each circuit. Since the number of participants is different for each circuit, the number of people selected will also be different. The reception details are different for each circuit, so please contact the circuit directly for details.

* Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the business content may change for each circuit, so please check in advance on each website.

Participation conditions

Elementary school students with a height of 120 cm or more (conditions may vary depending on the circuit)
* License holders of JAF Kart Domestic Junior B or SL Cadet or above cannot participate.


Circuits marked with a star are "Sodi" adopted circuits used in FINAL competitions.

1. Hokkaido New Chitose Motorland  

2. Hokkaido Uryu Circuit

3. Ibaraki Autoland Techno

4. Ibaraki Prefecture Quick Mito

5. Tochigi Festika Circuit Tochigi

6. Tochigi Prefecture Twin Ring Motegi (Mobi Park Challenge Cart)

7. Gunma Prefecture ISK Maebashi store ★

8. Saitama Prefecture Quick Hanyu ★

9. Chiba Harbor Circuit Kisarazu ★

10. Chiba Harbor Circuit Chiba ★

11. Tokyo U-Kart Circuit  

12. Kanagawa Prefecture F. Dream Hiratsuka

13. Nakai Inter-Circuit, Kanagawa Prefecture

14. Shizuoka Prefecture ISK Hamanako store  

15. Kota Circuit YRP Kiriyama, Aichi Prefecture

16. Aichi B-RDX Seaside Circuit ★

17. Aichi Prefecture Nonhoi Circuit ★

18. Mie MIERoute1 Circuit ★

19. Osaka Sportsland Ikoma

20. Osaka Prefecture ISK Osaka Maishima Store ★

21. Hyogo Prefecture Dream Circuit

22. Hyogo Prefecture G-7 Tsuchiyama Circuit

23. Nara Prefecture ISK Nara Hanna Store ★

24. Kagawa Prefecture Kartland Shikoku

25. Saga Prefecture Ocean Cartland ★

26. Oita Sonic Park Anshinin

27. Okinawa Prefecture Kukuru Yomitan Circuit