Takuma Kids Kart Challenge



Held for elementary school students aiming for a full-scale race debut from kart beginners.


In the 2021 season as well, we are planning to hold seminars and qualifying sessions (time trials) as "TRIAL" with the cooperation of circuits nationwide. Also, regarding the FINAL tournament where the top time players can participate in each circuit, we will announce here as soon as it is decided whether to actually hold a race or an online event in consideration of the corona infection situation.

* Note: License holders of JAF Kart Domestic Junior B or above or SL Cadet or above cannot participate.


<Held at any time with measures to prevent corona infection at each circuit>
You can challenge as many times as you like at TRIAL circuits nationwide. The TRIAL date and time, participation fee, etc. will differ for each circuit, so please check in advance before visiting. This year, the top performers of each circuit will be announced on the official website at any time, so let's do our best to reach the top!

* TRIAL target circuits will be announced here as soon as they are confirmed.


<If a real event can be held: A race tournament will be held>
The final race by the top players in the time trial. On the day of the final, Takuma Sato will also teach you the joy of racing at the venue. Let's all do our best to be in the top 10!

<If a real event cannot be held: An online event will be held>
An online event will be held in which only the top players in the time trial can participate. We are considering various projects such as asking questions directly to Takuma Sato and having them teach us the points of how to run a kart.


<Challenge to a racing kart with direct guidance from Takuma Sato>

The top 10 people from the FINAL tournament participated. It will be a one-day school where you will graduate from a rental kart and get to know the full-scale race using a racing kart. If the FINAL tournament is canceled, ACADEMY will not be held.