Notice of TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE 2021 holding decision!


2021/06/30 11:34


"TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE" was canceled last year in consideration of the spread of new coronavirus infection, but this year it will be held after thorough infection control measures while cooperating with each circuit. I will inform you.

Aiming to make a race debut from kart beginners ( excluding JAF domestic junior B or SL Cadet or higher license holders) With the cooperation of circuits nationwide, 7 circuits nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa TRIAL (classes and qualifying sessions) will be held for 3 months from Monday to September 30th.

After that, 100 top-ranked elementary school students who participated in TRIAL will be gathered to hold a training and simulated race "FINAL" for two days from November 13th to 14th at Twin Ring Motegi, and then to the final at FINAL. We are planning to hold a special training program "ACADEMY" at Festika Circuit Tochigi, where Takuma Sato will directly guide the top 10 players who have advanced.

For details, please see "TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE 2021 Event Overview" !