"TKK C2021" FINAL & ACADEMY Tournament Guidelines


2021/09/15 17:27


This guideline is based on the requests made by the government and local governments so that participants can enjoy the "TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE 2021 " FINAL & ACADEMY tournament with peace of mind and safety as much as possible. Takuma Sato and all the staff of the TKKC secretariat have compiled a guideline for exploring the best possible way to achieve the final decision. We would like to ask all the participants for their understanding.

Please note that the following contents may be updated depending on the future infection situation and the situation such as new knowledge being obtained.


1) Regarding TRIAL

Until September 30 , TRIAL will continue to be held based on the judgment of each circuit. After the TRIAL , we will announce the overall ranking at each circuit. Then, we will confirm the intention to participate in the tournament in the order of ranking for the FINAL tournament participation right holders who are assigned to each circuit.

After that, ships in the FINAL tournament right winner in and mail the "guidance of the FINAL tournament entry" from the Secretariat before October 15 post, to lie within TKKC official site "FINAL tournament registration form." You will be required to register.

* For FINAL tournament participants (guardians), we will basically contact and confirm by e-mail, so be sure to send an e-mail address sent from "tkkc@takumasato.com" so that you can communicate smoothly. Please register.

2) Regarding the first decision to hold the FINAL tournament

We will make the first decision to hold the FINAL tournament on October 15th , which is one month before the event.

In consideration of the infection status of the new coronavirus, and after confirming the content of the announcement from the government and each local government, we decided to hold the event after repeated discussions with the TKKC secretariat staff including Takuma Sato and related parties who cooperated. increase.

The event may be abandoned under circumstances such as the host prefecture (Tochigi prefecture)
has issued priority measures such as an emergency declaration and prevention of spread , and major cities are required to refrain from moving outside the prefecture. We would appreciate your understanding in advance.

3) Regarding the second decision regarding the holding of the FINAL tournament

Even if the FINAL tournament is decided to be held in the first decision, if the host prefecture (Tochigi prefecture) is issued a priority measure such as an emergency declaration and spread prevention by the day of the event, it will be decided to cancel immediately. Let's eat.

If any of the participating athletes has been issued a priority measure such as an emergency declaration or spread prevention to the prefecture / local government in which they live, we ask that each household decide to participate. ..

If the tournament is determined to abort without postponed held the tournament, it is scheduled to hold an online event in 2021, December 4, 2009.

Please note that you will be responsible for all damages (transportation, accommodation reservation cancellation fees, etc.) due to cancellation.

Notification of the cancellation of the event will be posted on the TKKC website, and to the guardians of the participating athletes on the same day , "tkkc @ " will be sent to the email address registered in TRIAL or the email address registered in the "FINAL Tournament Participation Registration Form". We will notify you by e-mail from "takumasato.com", so please check it.


4) Regarding the operation of the FINAL tournament

When holding the FINAL tournament, we will give top priority to infection control, so we will establish the following rules that give top priority to infection control measures.

In addition, please understand that the FINAL tournament may be canceled in the middle of the event if the rules are not followed or there is a risk of infection and the decision to cancel is made on the day of the event.

   Pre-registration of visitors

・ FINAL tournament qualification holders selected from each circuit are requested to register as visitors in advance before the tournament. For the convenience of infection control, visitors will be allowed to limit per player, only the guardian per person. In addition, all prospective visitors (guardians accompanying the players) will be registered individually. We will send a separate guide to the e-mail address registered when participating in TRIAL to those who have acquired the right to participate in the FINAL tournament, so please check it.

・ Only pre-registered people can enter the venue on the day of the event (only one player and one guardian).

(Family members who support in the watching area do not need to register. )


   Pre-registration of visitor's physical condition

Participants (participants + guardians) are required to register their physical condition, body temperature, etc. daily using the web form from 2 weeks in advance. Those who cannot respond will not be able to participate in the FINAL tournament. For details, we will contact you to the email address registered in the "FINAL Tournament Registration Form".

* From November 1st to 14th , all visitors are requested to fill out and register every day.

(Registration deadline time: 11 / 1-12 o'clock noon, until 11 / 13-14 in the morning 8)

* This is a confirmation to hold the event / race safely, so please do not make a false application and apply correctly.


   Thorough confirmation at the entrance gate (Twin Ring Motegi entrance)

・ You can only enter at the gate specified in advance.

・ Visitors will always wear a mask (if you cannot wear it, you will not be allowed to enter).

・ Check the temperature and physical condition at the gate, and if there is a person who has a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, all the people in the same car will be refused admission. (Please note that you will not be able to participate in the tournament if a player is on board.)


④ Thorough reception

・ Reception will be based on the following rules to avoid close contact and contact.

Please attach the pledge documents required for participation in the tournament to an email by November 10 and send it.

Only athletes and parents will be accepted , and will be divided according to the circuit that participated in TRIAL. Please strictly observe the reception hours stated in the guide on the day. If you need to line up, be sure to leave the interval as instructed by the staff.

❸ Parents should pick up the designated player kits (bibs, time schedule, etc.) from the desk.

⑤ Thorough change of clothes, waiting place, and tour place

・ Although we have prepared a place to change clothes, we would appreciate it if you could cooperate with us by wearing it as much as possible from the viewpoint of infection control. (The changing room is a time shift system, and only athletes can enter the room.)

・ Thorough ventilation of the changing room (windows are always open)

・ Only athletes can enter the pit area (parents are kindly requested to visit the viewing area)

・ Only athletes can enter the opening ceremony.

・ In addition, there may be restrictions on the flow lines in the park, so please cooperate.

⑥ Thorough disinfection of facilities and shared equipment

・ Regular disinfection of common areas (doorways, toilets, etc.) in the facility

・ Please bring your own helmet inner (face mask) and gloves (if you rent a helmet, be sure to bring an inner mask). You can purchase it locally on the day of the event, but please prepare by yourself in advance by referring to the contents described in "FINAL Tournament Entry Information".

-Since the rental helmet will be used by multiple people, it will be disinfected with a disinfectant spray after wearing it. Please bring your own helmet as much as possible.


⑦ Other infection control measures

・ Basically, only Takuma Sato, the moderator, and the chief of competition speak through the microphone. Please cooperate so that people other than the speaker do not make a loud voice.

・ Please do not speak out and applaud the players.

・ Please prepare your own lunch including the players.

・ Please eat and drink including lunch, such as hydration, for each family only in the designated area.

・ Always wear a mask, wash your hands, and thoroughly disinfect your hands.

(Athletes should always carry a mask and be sure to wear it except when running on a cart.)

・ Visitors are kindly requested to voluntarily maintain a physical distance. We will also take measures with partitions and face shields.


⑧ Measures for those who have fever or cough symptoms during the event

・ We are planning to set up an "isolation space" at the venue. If you feel any change in your physical condition, please move to the isolation space immediately and take reasonable actions such as preparing to go home.

・ Corresponding staff wear masks, face shields, and gloves, and thoroughly wash hands and disinfect hands before and after the response.

・ In some cases, please contact the health center immediately and follow the instructions.