Glico x With you Japan "TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE 2021 FINAL" Report


2021/11/18 10:35


Date: November 13th and 14th, 2021

Location: in the Tsuinri link Motegi Mobipaku

Racing driver Takuma Sato is presided over "Glico x with you Japan TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE 2021 FINAL " is 11 May 13 to 14 days, held at Mobipaku of Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture Motegi. Last year it was held remotely due to the corona disaster, and this year it was held at the kart course for the first time in two years.

The first day was a revenge match for the children who were selected last year but couldn't come to the circuit, and the second day was the final tournament for the children selected this year.

With the cooperation of Twin Ring Motegi, the event was held after taking measures against infection in consideration of disinfection, masks, and social distance.


■ Overcome the Corona Severe and hold a revenge match

"TAKUMA KIDS KART CHALLENGE" started in 2014 with the aim of allowing children from all over the country to interact with each other through carts, saying, "Let's support the reconstruction area of the Great East Japan Earthquake through the fun of motor sports ." This year, which is the 8th year, a total of 787 participants from Hokkaido to Okinawa on 27 circuits nationwide for elementary school students who have racing experience (excluding those who have participated in racing tournaments with racing karts) from kart beginners. We gathered the number of people and conducted 4,371 time trials. In the final, 94 elementary school students selected in the trial of each circuit participated. Also, since the tournament was held remotely last year, it gave a chance for children who could not come to the venue even though they were selected, and 14 desired children participated in the revenge match the day before.


The stage was a cart course in Twin Ring Motegi Mobi Park. At the revenge match on the first day, Sato and the children walked the course together and explained how to run for each point. After that, I proceeded to practice running and time trial. Even the child who runs the course for the first time increased the time with each lap.

After a 5-minute practice run and a 5-minute time trial, qualifying was held, the final race of the revenge match was held, and as a result of the 5-lap race, Hayato Nakamura from the G-7 Tsuchiyama circuit took the pole to finish. won over.



■ A hot battle in the final tournament!


The children selected this year had the opportunity to practice on the course after the revenge match the day before and were enthusiastic about learning the course. This year, we will also weigh in consideration of the physical disparity between the first to sixth graders. The staff made strict adjustments so that the weight difference would not cause handicap on the machine. In addition, the course layout has been slightly changed so that Sato and TKKC graduate Seiki Hamabe can test run and children can learn braking and cornering.

The 94 children were divided into 14 groups of 7 from A to N , and started a 5-minute practice run. After that, I went to a time trial for another 5 minutes. Based on the time result, we decided to group the qualifying heats again and race the qualifying heats in 14 groups. Therefore, the top 3 players from each group, 21 players, will advance to the final heat.

When it comes to the final heat, even higher level races will be developed, and hot battles will be developed that are overtaken everywhere on the course. Sometimes there are contacts and spins, and some children regret and shed tears without advancing to the final. In addition, the aspiring children actively visited Sato and asked questions and asked for guidance.

From the four races in the final heat, a total of 13 people, including 12 people from the top 3 and one driver from the re-challenge, took part in the final race.

Huang Hae-in, a 4th grade elementary school student who started in the midst of the sun and won the final heat at the top, made a good start from the pole position and entered the first corner. Gradually separate the trailer and lead the race. The battle for 2nd place was a fierce battle between Hidemaru Suetomo and Volunteer Kitamura, and the venue was heated.

Huang escaped from the final race of 8 laps with a dangerous run and won the championship by himself. Huang expressed his joy, saying, "I was happy to win the championship from the pole position."


After the final race, Sato performed on the course after a demonstration run with Glico Wagon on a racing kart. The children were delighted with applause at the speed of the racing kart.


At the final awards ceremony, the top 10 final races advanced to the academy and Glico's selection was presented, and the top 3 races were awarded medals. In addition, the children who participated were handed sweets from the Glico Wagon.

Sato commented on the two days as a general comment, "First of all, I would like to thank Glico and many other stakeholders for their cooperation and the understanding of their parents. In the meantime, I'm glad that I've done many time trials on kart courses nationwide and gathered here. I can see that every time I run in these two days, I'm getting better and I'm showing a hot run until the final. I would like to give the children who go to the academy more chances, and I would be happy if they could have a dream of becoming a child who goes to kart racing or a racing driver. "