For elementary school students who have race experience (limited to those who have participated in local championships within 3 times) from kart beginners, we hold seminars and "TRIAL" with the cooperation of 10 circuits nationwide. Then, we gathered the top 40 people who participated in TRIAL and held a training and simulated race "FINAL", and also held a special training program "ACADEMY" in which Takuma Sato directly teaches the 10 people who advanced to the final in FINAL. It was.

Time trial

From May to October 2017, a time trial will be held at the following target circuits. A total of 858 kids participated and challenged a total of 1,539 time trials.

FINAL simulated race

From the 858 people who participated in TRIAL, the top performers of each circuit were selected. A total of 40 people were invited to hold a class and a mock race.

<Date: Place>

November 3, 2017 (Friday / holiday): Suzuka Circuit Advance Cart

<Pattern of the day>

▶ November 3: Opening Ceremony, Practice Running, Qualifying Heat, Final Race, Closing Ceremony

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FINAL Qualifying Comprehensive

FINAL final

ACADEMY Special Course Program

A special training program will be held in which Takuma Sato will directly guide the 10 people who advanced to the final in FINAL. The one-night, two-day program aimed to graduate from a rental kart and take on a mini race with a racing kart.

<Date: Place>

November 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), 2017: Suzuka Circuit South Course

<Pattern of the day>

▶ November 11th and 12th: Opening Ceremony, Training, Practice Running, Simulated Race, Closing Ceremony