Qualifying rounds were held in various places to qualify for the FINAL race at the Suzuka Circuit (South Course) held on November 3rd. A total of 464 kids challenged us many times.

Experience school & time trial

Experience schools and time trials were held at the following three locations so that even beginners can easily participate. Completely beginner kids learned how to use the accelerator, brakes, and steering wheel on the special course, and after passing the course, challenged the course and measured the time. The kids, who were terrifyingly running a kart, also stepped on the accelerator as much as they could on the course and ran like an adult. Of course, experienced kids took on the challenge of time trials by running as hard as they could on the courses of Suzuka and Sugou, where competitions are also held.

<Date: Place>

April 30 , 2016 (Sat): Suzuka Circuit (South Course)

May 5 , 2016 (Thursday / holiday): Sportsland SUGO (West Course)

Saturday, July 9 , 2016 : Suzuka Circuit (South Course)

  <Pattern of the day>

▶ April 30 : Experience School & Time Trial (24 participants)

▶ May 5 : Experience School & Time Trial (50 participants)

▶ July 9 : Experience School & Time Trial (30 participants)

Time trial

Time trials were always held at two locations, Kisarazu Circuit and Suzuka Circuit here. Kids who wanted to run faster than anyone else challenged again and again to secure the right to participate in FINAL.

<Date: Place>

2016 April 29 (Friday holiday) to September 30 (Friday): Kisarazu Circuit

August 26, 2016 (Friday) to October 31 (Monday): Suzuka Circuit here racing cart

<Pattern of the day>

April 29 - September 30 : 600 time trials / trials (254 participants)

▶ August 26 - October 31 : Time trial (28 participants)

Time trial in team competition endurance race

In conjunction with reconstruction support activities, we held a kids kart endurance race at Sportsland SUGO. For 1 hour endurance race joined forces with four one set children and children mixed team of the Kanto region of Tohoku, individual best times superiors at that time was played to the finale.


<Date: Place>

October 22 , 2016 (Sat): Sportsland SUGO (West Course)

<Pattern of the day>  

▶ October 22 : Endurance race (1 hour) & experience school & time trial

FINAL simulated race

A mock race was held by inviting a total of 40 top performers in time trials around the world. The final race by the 10 people who won the qualifying was very exciting.


<Date: Place>

November 3 , 2016 (Thursday / holiday): Suzuka Circuit (International South Course)

<Pattern of the day>  

▶ November 3 : Opening Ceremony, Practical Training, Practice Running, Simulated Race, Closing Ceremony